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Door Repair & Install Reseda – A general rule of thumb here at R & B Locksmith is: if it’s a door or it’s on a door, our locksmiths can service it!

Whether for home or business your exterior door does more than simply provide ingress and egress access. It is the most important item of security. That point made, it is essential to regard your exterior doors with care and maintenance.

Due care requires a maintenance plan to oversee that wear, tear and damage doesn’t compromise the security built into the door, including such things as damage, gaps and rust. By taking regular steps to oversee the condition of all exterior doors will avoid security issues and unnecessary expense to replace doors made obsolete before their time.

Keep Rust From Damaging Your Metal Door
If your door is metal, it’s subject to rust. Initially, rust is but an eyesore, but if left unattended it will devour the metal and compromise the door’s integrity. Here are some simple steps to keep your metal door in great shape:

Keep the metal door clean and dry
Scrape loose surface metal
Seal the metal door with a rust-proof primer
Paint will protect the exterior
Install a drip cap over door tops

Keep Knobs, Locks and Hardware Dry and Maintained
Metal hardware is susceptible to rust damage, just like a metal door. When power washing or gardening, avoid drenching the door and hardware. Although quality exterior hardware is weather-proof, there is a difference between rainfall and soaking with a hose, which can cause water to seep into small openings. Over time water can cause the hardware to rust, malfunction and render it unable to maintain security.

Don’t Overlook a Troubling Key
When you first notice trouble using your key, call a locksmith immediately. If you have to jiggle or forcefully turn your key into the lock there is a valid issue. Ignoring the problem can eventually lead to a broken key or damaged lock. Call a local locksmith to assess the situation. A quick response to a simple fix can save your home and business time, money and assured security in the long run.

Seal and Paint Doors
Prevent your metal and wood doors from direct exposure to moisture by sealing and painting the exterior. Check for paint peeling or surface scratches. Scrape any loose paint from the surface. Apply a quality sealer. Apply a coat a paint. These steps will prevent water and the elements from causing damage and extend the life of the door.

Refrain from Adding a Kick-Plate, Permanent Door Decoration and Signs
Moisture can become trapped between permanent decorations and signs. Gaps can exist between the door and an after-market kick-plate that allows water to drip behind. Over time the trapped water can corrode, rust and rot the door much quicker than normal exposure from the elements. Seasonal items like wreaths and decorations are less apt to create a permanent breach, but in such cases just keep the area of the door clean and dry.

Don’t Keep Doors Propped Open
Did you know it’s a bad idea to keep a door propped open without using a “hold open” closer hardware? It’s true. Even if you’re propping a door open to grab groceries from the car can cause strain and damage to your door’s hardware. In addition, over time you can cause alignment issues or even bend the door.

Regularly Adjust Door Closers
When a door constantly slams shut or closes slowly it can indicate that the closer hardware needs checked. Check the closer for fluid leaks and needed adjustments to proper function

“Dog Down” Commercial Exit Hardware When Possible
Exit door devices may have a feature that allows the crash bar to be manually depressed. This is called “dogging down” the crash bar. If your commercial door has such a feature, use it when you can. Utilizing this feature, especially with a heavy use crash bar can substantially extend the life of the hardware by eliminating constant wear and tear.

Maintain Battery-Operated Security Devices
Audio exit alarms and security card access systems use batteries. Those batteries should be regularly checked as a simple maintenance plan, perhaps during the monthly check of your smoke alarms. If the system is beeping it indicates that the batteries are low, or a system check is in order. Delay in such an easy solution can render your costly system useless.

While these simple door tips are intended to help you extend the life and efficacy of your exterior doors and hardware, there will come a time when maintenance gives way to a need for repair and replacement. When that time comes, call R & B Locksmith. We’ll send a trained professional 24/7 to assist you with any problems you experience.

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Door Repair & Install Reseda
Door Repair & Install Reseda

Emergency Locksmith Service Reseda

Emergency Locksmith Service Reseda

Amazing Article About Emergency Locksmith Service Reseda

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Emergency Locksmith Service Reseda – The AARP estimates that there are an estimated 250,000 emergency locksmith calls per day. That means there are one-quarter million opportunities for a desperate consumer to be duped by a locksmith scammer.

Sadly, in the locksmith industry there are many predators whose “service” can result in damage and security risks to personal and commercial assets. There are many companies to choose from on the internet. So, how do you know which ones are reputable, especially in an emergency?

Because R & B Locksmith prides itself as a company steeped in quality, integrity and care for each and every one of our valued customers, we are here to offer valuable tips to avoid being duped by a locksmith scoundrel, especially when an emergency arises. Here are our tips for finding the right locksmith for your life.

Verify the Locksmith Business Is Local
Surprisingly, locksmith scams are a national criminal enterprise. Many companies claim they have a local office, but don’t. Make sure to verify before you hire the company. If you find the locksmith does not have a local office or is just an empty building or lot, it is probably not a reputable company.

Ways to verify a local office:
• Google map the address
• Search street view
• Visit to the address location
• Better Business Bureau
• Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA)
• Get a personal referral from a friend or family member

Avoid a Locksmith With an “800” number
A local locksmith will usually have a local telephone number if it is a legitimate business. Also, when your call is answered listen for a company name and not just a generic greeting, such as “locksmith service”.

Check the Licensing of the Locksmith Company
Know the licensing requirements for your state. Before you agree to any locksmith service, be sure to see the company’s license (15 states including California require it) and the locksmith’s identification. The locksmith should take no issue in providing those documents and information to you. If they refuse, beware!

Expect an Estimate Before Work Begins
You want a quality job for a fair price, right? Then you should know what to expect before the job begins. When you hire a locksmith, make sure you receive a cost estimate on company letterhead. The estimate should fully detail the anticipated work involved and include all incidental costs, such as parts, mileage, special weekend and emergency rates, and minimum fees. And don’t forget to get a final receipt for all work completed and payments made.

How to Spot a Locksmith Scam

No local business location
Uses and “800” number only
Website uses generic stock photos only
Website reviews are general and vague
Advertises outrageously low prices
Answers the phone with a general greeting (eg. “locksmith business”)
Arrive in an unmarked car or van
Vehicle advertising is magnetic
Arrive without a uniform or identification tag
Declines to provide a licensing document if required by the State
Declines to provide identification
Declines to provide an estimate before work commences
Requires a drill-out for a simple lock-out service

The Best Way to Avoid a Locksmith Scammer

Whether you need locksmith service for home, business or auto, it is important that you seek a relationship with an experienced, professional and trusted locksmith company. The importance is even more heightened in an emergency event in order to avoid locksmith scammers who prey on desperate consumers and businesses.

So, the best way to avoid a locksmith scammer is to have a quality locksmith company already vetted and on your speed dial. R & B Locksmith is proud of its company’s reputation for quality and integrity for all locksmith needs. Call us today.
R & B Locksmith will be there when you have an emergency. We’ll show up 24/7 to bring peace of mind to your residential or commercial emergency event.

Emergency Locksmith Service Reseda Just Call Us Now: (818) 667-3039

Emergency Locksmith Service Reseda
Emergency Locksmith Service Reseda

Commercial Locksmith Reseda

Commercial Locksmith Services Winnetka, CA

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Commercial Locksmith Reseda – Commercial doors take a lot of abuse. In general, they see a lot more use than your average residential door, which strains booth the door and the attached hardware. R & B Locksmith receives hundreds of calls every year from small and large businesses alike experiencing malfunctioning or damaged doors.

Broken levers, leaking closers, misaligned doors, and broken hinges and latches are a few of the many issues that we see daily. In most cases, these problems are avoidable by a routine commercial door maintenance protocol. We’ll outline some of these tips below.

Look to a quality commercial locksmith to benefit your bottom line: keeping your company assets secure; assuring your employees are safe; protecting profits; and reducing insurance risks and premiums.

What are the benefits of a commercial locksmith

Increase your company safety
Lowers insurance risk
Reduces insurance premiums
Saves money and profit
Commercial lockout
Vehicle lockout
Business lock rekeying
Hardware installation
Hardware repair
Prevent unauthorized entrance
Installation of access systems

What to Look for in a Commercial Locksmith

When it comes to your business you want a commercial locksmith skilled and knowledgeable. A commercial locksmith should specialize in locks, exterior door security and safety, and interior security of commercial properties and businesses.

A commercial locksmith’s day often includes installing technical locking systems, repairing and maintaining existing hardware, providing lock-out services on offices and storerooms, and staying educated on security technology. A locksmith’s training doesn’t end the second they become a commercial locksmith, but receives advanced updates and training on the latest advancements in door locking hardware.

An experienced commercial locksmith will do more than just show up to help you out of a key crisis. A quality commercial locksmith will know when to repair a lock and when to recommend a replacement or rekeying service. Finally, the best commercial locksmith will become someone you will call on for every locking security need. At R & B Locksmith, we intend to build a long-term relationship with our business clients that will stand the test of time.

A Commercial Property Owner Checklist

So when you decide on a commercial locksmith to secure all of your business assets, know what to ask.

1. Ask for licensure and training certificates.
2. Ask for the commercial locksmith’s skills range.
3. Ask for business location verification and service area.
4. Ask for a consult to discuss your company’s needs and to inspect the building’s security doors and hardware.
5. Ask for estimates and invoices for each project need.
6. Ask whether the commercial locksmith is fully insured and bonded.
7. Ask whether the commercial locksmith is able to grow with your company.
8. Ask for references.

R & B Locksmith invites you to contact us. We have been providing quality commercial locksmith services for decades.

Commercial Locksmith Reseda
Commercial Locksmith Reseda

Residential Services Reseda


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Residential Services Reseda – Is Your Home at Risk for a Break-In?

For most of us, our most cherished asset is our home and everything in it, including family and property. Needless to say, security of your home is absolutely essential. There are many aspects of the home security that a thief seeks out for vulnerability.

R & B Locksmith wants to offer some essential tips to keep you on the low-tier for home invasion vulnerability. Read on.

The Home

Always Lock Your Home
Whenever you leave your premises, always lock your doors. Whether it’s just to run to the neighbors or leaving for a trip preclude access to would-be burglars. Lock all doors and windows to minimize your risk of becoming a target.

Rekey Locks When You Move
Rekey all doors whenever you move since you don’t know who the former owner provided an extra key. Rekeying versus replacing a lock is an inexpensive way to assure security in your new home.

Don’t Make it Obvious You Are Away
Whether you are away from home for a few hours or a few days, make sure your home appears occupied from the outside. Intruders scope to see whether mail is in the box, lights are lit at expected times, and lawn is mowed. Give notice to neighbors and task them with collecting mail and turn on lights, and put interior lights and television on timers.

Install a Quality Alarm System
Alarm systems are among the best home protection and are a responsible way to deter intruders and keep your family safe. Many times, the security signage in the yard or window that shows a home has alarm protection is enough to deter an intruder. And any alarm, whether audio, flashing lights or directly linked responders will alert that someone is trying to invade.

The Garage

Many residential homeowners overlook the garage when it comes to home security. This is despite the fact we keep some of our high-end assets inside the garage that are enticing to a thief. Here is what we’re talking about:

  • Vehicle
  • Garden equipment
  • Power tools
  • Safe
  • Sports Equipment

If this isn’t enough, gaining access to your garage in an attached home and garage set-up gets the thief one step closer to the inside of your home. That puts you, your family, and personal possessions at risk and danger. So, start with the garage when you are setting up home security. It’s easy and a few simple steps will keep your garage and home secure.

Install a High Quality Lock on the Service Door
Most garages are breached through the service or access door. Update your service door lock with a quality locking system and deadbolt.

Inquiring Eyes Don’t Need to Know What’s Inside
An intruder generally wants to know the prize. To discourage a thief from knowing what you have in your garage, keep all doors and windows covered with a curtain or blind.

Incorporate Your Home Security System to Your Garage
For maximum defense, make sure your home security system also incudes your garage. For a few dollars more, you can incorporate another line of defense for unwelcome break-ins. If a burglar enters through the garage when your home system is on, the alarm will trigger an emergency dispatch to your home.

Motion Activated Lighting is a Must
No burglar wants to be seen. Replace your exterior lighting with motion-activated lighting around your premises. Few intruders will stick around when they are visible to your neighbors.

How R & B Locksmith Can Help

While following these Residential Services Reseda security tips is a great way to bolster your home’s defenses, it is no substitute for professional evaluation and advice. Everyone’s home and situation are different, so if you have any questions about your security, give our team a call! We will be happy to answer any questions you have, and give you a rundown of our comprehensive suite of residential security solutions.

If you are looking to improve and maintain the security of your home, call R & B Locksmith. We offer a full range of residential locksmith and security services. We will work to customize a security plan that fits your needs and budget. Whether installation, re-keying or lock-out services, our technicians are specially trained, licensed and bonded for your peace of mind.

Residential Services Reseda Just Call Us Now: (818) 667-3039

Residential Services Reseda
Residential Services Reseda

Auto Locksmith Service Reseda

Auto Locksmith Service Reseda

Amazing Article About Auto Locksmith Service Reseda

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Auto Locksmith Service Reseda – I’ve done it a dozen times. Get out of my vehicle to pump gas and automatically hit the “lock” button on the door. It wouldn’t be anything more than an inconvenience if it weren’t for the fact that my spouse, and the spare car key, is out of town.
Oh, what a dreadful realization to discover you are temporarily immobile because your keys are locked in your automobile, your key fob malfunctioned, or you just simply cannot locate your key or fob.

When your auto is immobile, your first response might be a little panic. But the smartest and safest line of offense is to mobilize your local automotive locksmith.

Why Do You Need an Automotive Locksmith?

The one area of locksmithing that is in constant flux is in the field of automotive locksmith. New vehicles are produced each year and that means new keys and innovative security systems.

The innovative changes in automotive security is why R & B Locksmith technicians are amongst the industry’s most trained and tested locksmith specialists. We make sure our professional technicians can perform our renowned locksmith services on any vehicle on the road.

Have You Ever Programmed a Fob and Do You Want To?

Some people are interested in all things technology and that could include key and fob, also called a “transponder”. But programming in a jam? Most people don’t even think about programming a fob until they are in an automotive key jamb and that’s not the best time. So, with the high level of technology tied to the automobile key and fob, the options are as follows:
• Stand in line at the car dealership and pay dealership pricing
• Garner the expertise and do it yourself, which that takes time and, well more time
• Call an quality automotive locksmith, like R & B Locksmith

Quality automotive technicians have been trained in auto key programming and are able to program a fob correctly and quickly. They are familiar with the electronics of each vehicle and can program the fob without damage to your vehicle, even if panels need removed. A technician can safely get into your vehicle, set it to the “program” mode, and synchronize the key fob with the vehicle computer. A quality locksmith like R & B Locksmith can get the job done fast and safe.

High Security Vehicle Keys

You want your mobile auto locksmith to arrive with the latest high security auto keys and the machinery to both cut and program them. Quality companies like R & B Locksmith can make a security auto key for your vehicle right on the spot.

Automotive Key Programming

Most automobile keys built after 2004 have been programmed to a specific vehicle in order to properly start that car. So, along with key cutting and key duplicating services, a quality automotive locksmith, like R & B Locksmith, can provide automotive key programming. When you call an automotive locksmith, you want that company to carry all the equipment to properly program car keys to your car’s make and model right on the spot.

Trunk Unlocking

Surprisingly, one of the high-volume services for an automotive locksmith is to open a car trunk. It’s annoying to lock your keys in the trunk, but it happens. Opening a locked automobile trunk can be difficult. So you want a qualified and trained automotive locksmith to do the job right.

Ignition Change

Believe it or not emergencies don’t happen for convenience and that goes for the innocuous occasion when your automobile needs an ignition change. An automotive locksmith can arrive at your location to perform even a complex ignition change. A quality company like R & B Locksmith can schedule its mobile unit and licensed technicians to repair or replace your ignition in a matter of minutes and right on the spot. The automotive locksmith will charge well below dealer prices, too!

Other Automotive Locksmith Services

• 24/7 Automotive Emergency Lockout Service
• 24/7 Trunk Unlock Service
• Replace Car Keys
• Replace Transponder Keys
• Cut High Security Vehicle Keys
• Automotive Key Programming
• Key Fob Programming
• Car remotes
• Ignition Cylinder Replacement on Site
• High-security car keys (Smart Keys)
• Lasercut car keys
• Lockout service
• Auto, Van, Truck, Motorcycle

Do You Need One of the Automotive Locksmith Services Above?

Give one of our friendly R & B Locksmith customer representatives a call to mobilize our professional technicians to your location. We are standing by 24/7 to solve whatever your automobile locksmith problem you have. We have the lowest prices and fastest 24/7 response times. We are ready to get you back on the road again. Call us today!

Auto Locksmith Service Reseda
Auto Locksmith Service Reseda

Locksmith Services Reseda

Locksmith in Topanga, CA

Amazing Article About Locksmith Services Reseda

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Locksmith Services Reseda – A quality locksmith can provide many services that you may not be aware. Below are just a few of the many services to reveal the full range of security offerings.

A full-service locksmith can provide many security benefits that the average residential and commercial consumer may not be aware. At R & B Locksmith for example, our team of professional technicians can service everything from general locks to technical security system programming.

We thought in this article that we might offer our customers and readers an inside look at a few of the many services a locksmith can perform on a daily basis. We don’t just change locks anymore!

House Keys – Recut and Rekey

A locksmith’s most relied on service is key making, especially house keys. A quality locksmith should maintain duplicating and key cutting equipment that provides a key cut to the highest calibration in order to assure your new key works every time. No one except a qualified locksmith should cut your key, for reasons of quality and security for your home and family.

In addition, a homeowner can change the lock that protects your home without having to purchase and replace the lock. This is called “rekeying” the lock. Rekeying is fast and inexpensive and can be done by a mobile residential locksmith unit. A locksmith does this by replacing the pins inside the lock to coincide with a new key.

Deadbolts and Security Systems for Added Protection

Deadbolts provide added security to your home. A deadbolt can be the reason an intruder is deterred. And a deadbolt should be installed on every exterior door. Allow a locksmith to install your deadbolts correctly.

In addition, a qualified locksmith can counsel you on and install added security systems to provide the luxury of the most advanced technology systems available to protect you and your family. From line, audio and video security systems, there is a range of capabilities and features to add additional protection.

Commercial Exit Devices, Panic Bars and Crash Bars

One of the more important door hardware products a company will install is the exit device, also known as a “panic bar”. This vital hardware provides easy egress from the building during an emergency event for employees and customers. For insurance and safety purposes, a qualified commercial locksmith will install and ensure the device is properly installed and completely operational pursuant to local and State Fire Codes and municipal regulations.

Card Access & Keypads

Both large and small companies are moving toward the use of security keypads and keyless access cards. Business owners have acknowledged a greater security and profit savings in not utilizing conventional keys to everyone. Innovative systems can even restrict site access to certain times and days, and provide records of employee access.

A quality locksmith like R & B Locksmith can advise, install, educate and maintain the security systems for you.

Exterior and Interior Door Closer Hardware

Your commercial doors are your first defense in security for your employees and your assets. A commercial locksmith can repair, replace, provide maintenance and upgrade the door closer hardware. Constant use and abuse can jeopardize the quality of the closer. So, for maintenance, adjustment and repair, you need a locksmith that can get them fixed 24/7.

File Cabinets & Desk Locks

A qualified locksmith can cut new keys for your office furniture without being present at your business. A newly made cabinet and desk lock is an easy and inexpensive fix for your business security.

Fob and Transponder Keys

Does your vehicle use a fob or transponder key to unlock it and start it up? If so, you may not know just how expensive it is to replace it if misplaced, stolen or malfunctioning. It can cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars at a dealership to reset the car computer and program a new fob. In addition to price, the time involved at the dealership is another negative.

You can avoid the hassles by having a qualified locksmith, like R & B Locksmith program another backup fob and transponder key, either in-store or through its mobile service unit. The new fob can be programmed for less than one hundred dollars and be finished in fifteen minutes. It’s that easy and that fast.

Key by VIN Number

Keys can be difficult to keep track and with teens, you may want some extras. A locksmith can utilize your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to recut a duplicate key or keys. And with a copy of the vehicle registration, a locksmith does not even need the vehicle to be present.

Do you need residential, commercial or automotive locksmith services? If so, you need to call R & B Locksmith. We offer you quality solutions at an affordable price for every need. When you need one or more of the services we mentioned above, be sure to give R & B Locksmith a call! Our professional and courteous team is ready and dedicated to assist you. Call us with questions.

Locksmith Services Reseda
Locksmith Services Reseda

Emergency Locksmith Service Hollywood

Auto Locksmith Service Reseda

Amazing Article About Emergency Locksmith Service Hollywood

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Emergency Locksmith Service Hollywood – Does your key get jammed into a lock? Are you locked out of your car? We know how stressful it is when you find yourself in a sudden emergency situation and you can’t get where you need to be. No matter what the emergency is with your locks, our 24-hour locksmiths are ready to assist you.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations or anything similar, give us a call at (818) 667-3039 so that one of our locksmiths can come and assist you immediately. As long as you live within the Hollywood area we can get to you within 30 minutes and fix your emergency lock needs at an incredibly affordable rate.

We can help you with a variety of emergency lock and safety issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Lockouts
  • Key Duplications
  • Broken Key Removal
  • Transponder Key Programming
  • Exit Door Bar Locks
  • Door Lock Repair And Installation
  • Surveillance Camera Repair
  • Master Keys
  • Gate Lock Installation And Repair
  • Rekey Services
  • And More

You can receive our locksmith services across Hollywood with or without an appointment. Our bonded and insured locksmith technicians will ensure that you receive a reminder call if you have an appointment or can be there within 30 minutes in an emergency. Our biggest goal is to increase your safety in your home, office, or car while ensuring that you are not stressed out by any types of issues that may pop up with your locks or your keys.

Around The Clock Emergency Support

Just because you can’t plan for everything doesn’t mean that you cannot plan for your emergencies. At R & B Locksmith Studio City, you can rest easy knowing that you have the best of the best locksmith technicians throughout the entire Hollywood area. All of our emergency locksmiths are fully trained, experienced, and licensed and are constantly receiving new updates about the locksmith industry.

Not only are our technicians top of the line, but our rates are unbeatable. We know that keeping yourself safe and being able to access your spaces are incredibly important and we want to ensure that everyone in our neighborhood is able to get what they need something. We offer competitive rates that are designed to work with your budget while getting you everything that you need.

Quick Response Time

Our mobile locksmiths are always ready to move out and to help you with all of your emergencies whenever you need us. We know that emergencies wait for no one and that they frequently pop up at the worst time. We will never tell you that we cannot come out and support you because it’s after hours or because it’s the weekend. We offer our 24-hour services around the clock so that there’s always someone to assist you no matter what is going on.

At R & B Locksmith Studio City, we also know that time is of the essence. when you are in an emergency situation you cannot afford to sit around for hours waiting for someone to assist you. That is why all of our locksmiths can reach you within 30 minutes in the Hollywood area and resolve your emergency as quickly as possible. There is little that is more important than your time and our response reflects that.

Emergency Lock Out Solutions

The main emergency that we respond to is being locked out of a vehicle or house. No matter what your specific reason is for calling us we are ready to help you. We can duplicate your key, pick your lock, or remove a key that has been jammed inside of your lock. Our mobile services are capable of meeting every need that you may have regardless of whether it is the middle of the night or the middle of the day.

Our team at R & B Locksmith Studio City have years of experience with the equipment we use and have spent time and energy becoming experts in the field of locksmith. If you have need of emergency locksmith support, give us a call at (818) 667-3039 no matter what time it is.

Auto Locksmith Service Reseda
Emergency Locksmith Service Hollywood

Auto Locksmith Service Hollywood

Car Locksmith Service in Winnetka, CA

Amazing Article About Auto Locksmith Service Hollywood

And If You Looking For The Best Locksmith in Hollywood Just Call Us Now: (818) 667-3039 : ) )

Auto Locksmith Service Hollywood – Are you in need of a professional auto locksmith throughout the Hollywood area? Reach out to our team at R & B Locksmith Studio City. We are the specialists in keyless, push-button, and keyed entry for most makes and models of cars and trucks throughout Hollywood. we will arrive quickly to help you unlock your car, open your jams close trunk, or make you a new transponder key.

Regardless of your needs, we will be able to have you back on the road as quickly as possible. Call us anytime and you will reach a real person that will able to help you no matter what time of the day. Our full-service Automotive locksmiths provide access to a variety of quality car keys and services so that your needs will be met no matter what your issue is.

Automobile Lock Picking

Some days just don’t work in your favor and you find that you’ve locked your keys in your car While this is an extremely frustrating thing to happen we will be able to handle it for you as quickly as possible. All of our technicians are trained in picking locks quickly and safely so that you don’t have to wait on the side of the road for longer than necessary.

Whether it’s 7 in the morning or 7 at night, we are ready to show up and make sure that you can get moving. We are the most affordable and dependable auto locksmith in the Hollywood area and are happy to respond to your needs.

Trunk Opening

Our lock picking services include opening your trunk. We know how frustrating it is to not be able to get to your briefcase or your tools in the trunk so we work just as hard to get it open as we would work to get your front door open.

Ignition and Car Key Duplication

If you need someone to come to you and have your car or ignition keys duplicated or replaced, we are the right service for you. We are able to help you with any car key needs regardless of what type of vehicle you drive. We can assist you with smart car keys, proximity keys, standard car keys, and many more. Our automotive locksmiths are able to duplicate your car keys on-site for most makes and models within minutes so that you don’t lose any more time out of your day.

Broken Key Removal

Sometimes your key will break in the ignition or door of your vehicle and no matter how hard you try, you aren’t able to retrieve it. Our trained professionals can remove your key from the ignition or the doors and trunks.

Transponder Key Programming

Transponder keys work with your ignition system to make sure that your car is protected 24 hours a day. If your transponder keys stop responding to you there’s a good chance that they need to be reprogrammed. These keys are incredibly high-end technology and seem like they should be easy to fix but need an expert locksmith technician to take care of the problem.

Our team is trained to work with this type of technology to ensure that we are able to help our customers no matter what type of issue they are having. For those with a transponder, chip, or VATS keys, we can usually make any programmed car keys on-site within minutes.

Emergency Automotive Locksmiths

Our services are offered throughout Hollywood 24 hours a day. With a quick response time, our team will respond and assist you as quickly as possible so that you can continue with your day or evening.

R & B Locksmith Studio City is the leading auto locksmith service in the Hollywood area. If you are looking for a reliable, speedy, and cost-effective automotive locksmith service that services Hollywood, look no further. Our technicians are ready to respond to your call immediately to ensure that you can continue your day without a hitch.

All of our automotive locksmith services are provided in the store as well as at your location. Just give us a call at (818) 667-3039 anytime for a free quote or service requests and we will dispatch a locksmith technician right away!

Auto Locksmith Service Hollywood
Auto Locksmith Service Hollywood

Residential Locksmith Hollywood

Residential Locksmith Hollywood

Amazing Article About Residential Locksmith Hollywood

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Residential Locksmith Hollywood – Few things are more stressful than being locked out of your home for any period of time; however, it happens to many of us, even if we’re great with our keys. If you have found yourself locked out of your home, condo, or apartments we are the Locksmith Company for you. At R & B Locksmith Studio City, we are able to provide you with residential locksmith services across Hollywood regardless of the time.

All of our employees are trained, licensed, and bonded so that we can offer you premier service all day and all night. We can provide a wide variety of services for your home at a budget-friendly price that ensures that you can afford the security that you deserve.No matter what you’re looking for in your residential locksmith services, you have come to the right place.

House Lockout

When you find that you’re locked out of your house it can cause you to stress that affects the rest of your day. That is why we offer our house lockout services 24 hours out of today across all of Hollywood. We are expertS in lock picking and the removal of broken keys and can come to you within 30 minutes of a phone call. We can also create duplicate keys on the spot today a lockout becomes less likely in the future.

Lock Replacement

Over the years of being used every day, the locks on your home with can become worn down. If you find that your door lock is no longer working properly, or you just want them replaced, you should call us so that our team can assist you. We can replace the locks on your doors and on your windows to ensure that there are no malfunctions.

Key Replacement

In our experience, people tend to lose their house keys all the time regardless if they are children or adults. Not only can our home locksmith specialist replace keys that you’ve lost for your home, but we can also replace your key on the spot. This way you will be prepared in advance so that if you lose your key you can have it back up without having the stress of having to wait.

Keyless Door Lock

A keyless door lock helps make many families feel safer. While a key can be easy to duplicate a keyless door lock can be more difficult to break into. You can choose to use a pin pad, a card, or a fingerprint to access your home while also being able to track who has entered the house and when.

Garage Door Lock Repair & Installation

It is important to have locks on all entries to your house and that includes your garage; however, locks and doors break over time as you use them. If your garage door has an issue with its lock or the area around it will be able to help you. We are trained to fix broken areas in your door so that your lock is stable when our trained teams install it.

Alarm Systems

If you choose to install an alarm system at the same time that you would need locksmith services R & B Locksmith Studio City can assist you. Our locksmiths are trained and are focused on ensuring that you receive all of the security that you need to be safe in your home.

Our team is here to tailor our home locksmith services to every client we have in the Hollywood area. We have a team of highly-trained locksmiths who are licensed and bonded and focused on your security. Our supplies are top-of-the-line but not so pricey that you are going to break the bank to feel secure.

All of the services that we offer across the Hollywood area are provided in our store as well as on an emergency basis. Reach out to us at (818) 667-3039 anytime for a free consultation or to request a locksmith service team and we will dispatch a locksmith technician right away!

Residential Locksmith Hollywood
Residential Locksmith Hollywood

Commercial Locksmith Hollywood

Commercial Locksmith Services Winnetka, CA

Amazing Article Commercial Locksmith Hollywood

( And If You Looking For The Best Locksmith in Hollywood Just Call Us Now: (818) 667-3039 : ) )

Commercial Locksmith Hollywood – Maybe you’ve owned your business for 10 years and decided that you need new locks or you’re ready to have a new gate put in to keep your business secure. No matter what your commercial locksmith needs are we are able to go above and beyond to ensure that you have what you need for your commercial space.

Regardless if you are interested in having your office keys duplicated or replaced or have need of repairs to your security system, R & B Locksmith Studio City have you covered. We are here to make everything you need to happen quickly, efficiently, and budget-friendly. Our locksmiths are all fully bonded, insured, and trained to meet all of your needs.

High Security Caliber Locks

There are many high-security locks that you can purchase for your business. Some of them claim that you can install them yourself, which is true; however, installing the types of locks yourself does not guarantee you the highest security possible. Choosing to use R & B Locksmith Studio City will give you a safety guarantee that you will not find with all companies.

Digital Access Control Systems

Digital access control systems, also known as keyless entry, gives you a way to easily track who goes into certain spaces at what times. These systems usually allow employees to have access with a barcoded card or with a fingerprint system. These programs will log the entry and exit of all of your employees, track who was in and out of areas, and set off alarms when people attempts to bypass them.

Master Key System

Having a Master Key System is one of the easiest ways to have customized security for your commercial building. This type of system makes it easy for specific employees to access certain doors while supervisors may have keys that open all the doors. Regardless of how you set it up, a Master Key System will ensure that you have the control that you are seeking.

Surveillance Camera Repair

Having security cameras placed in your company’s parking lot and lobby can help to deter theft; weather, they also need to be repaired when they are broken. Our commercial locksmiths are also trained in repairing your surveillance cameras so that you can feel secure at your job.

Gate Lock Installation & Repair

Whether you need to have a lock installed or if the gate itself needs to be repaired so that a lock can be replaced, R & B Locksmith Studio City will be able to assist you. We know locks inside and out and are trained to change locks and repair around them so that we can offer replacements.

Exit Door Bars Locks

We are trained and experienced when it comes to installing a new exit door bar locks for your business. Whether you need a replacement or if the wiring it’s failing we can fix your issue quickly and efficiently.

CCTV Installation

If you have decided to step up your security game you may have chosen to install a CCTV system. The benefits of using camera surveillance are huge, including greater security with a closed network and 100% control of your security cameras. CCTV kits are somewhat limited and can lead to an incorrect setup that doesn’t offer you the stability that you need in your security system. We offer guaranteed CCTV installation that will ensure that your commercial building is safe.

Door Repair

Sometimes, due to an accident or a break-in, the area around your loss Will Spencer. Not everyone can afford to replace a door but most people can’t afford the repair needed to install I knew that. Our locksmith technicians are trained to repair the space around a lot so that you can feel that your commercial space is secure.

Our commercial locksmiths at R & B Locksmith Studio City have been serving the greater Hollywood area for years. All of our employees have the experience and training to ensure that your door is repaired to your specifications. Call us 24 hours out of the day at (818) 667-3039 and we can ensure that you receive the quality locksmith services that you are seeking!

Commercial Locksmith Hollywood

Commercial Locksmith Hollywood