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Door Repair & Install Reseda – A general rule of thumb here at R & B Locksmith is: if it’s a door or it’s on a door, our locksmiths can service it!

Whether for home or business your exterior door does more than simply provide ingress and egress access. It is the most important item of security. That point made, it is essential to regard your exterior doors with care and maintenance.

Due care requires a maintenance plan to oversee that wear, tear and damage doesn’t compromise the security built into the door, including such things as damage, gaps and rust. By taking regular steps to oversee the condition of all exterior doors will avoid security issues and unnecessary expense to replace doors made obsolete before their time.

Keep Rust From Damaging Your Metal Door
If your door is metal, it’s subject to rust. Initially, rust is but an eyesore, but if left unattended it will devour the metal and compromise the door’s integrity. Here are some simple steps to keep your metal door in great shape:

Keep the metal door clean and dry
Scrape loose surface metal
Seal the metal door with a rust-proof primer
Paint will protect the exterior
Install a drip cap over door tops

Keep Knobs, Locks and Hardware Dry and Maintained
Metal hardware is susceptible to rust damage, just like a metal door. When power washing or gardening, avoid drenching the door and hardware. Although quality exterior hardware is weather-proof, there is a difference between rainfall and soaking with a hose, which can cause water to seep into small openings. Over time water can cause the hardware to rust, malfunction and render it unable to maintain security.

Don’t Overlook a Troubling Key
When you first notice trouble using your key, call a locksmith immediately. If you have to jiggle or forcefully turn your key into the lock there is a valid issue. Ignoring the problem can eventually lead to a broken key or damaged lock. Call a local locksmith to assess the situation. A quick response to a simple fix can save your home and business time, money and assured security in the long run.

Seal and Paint Doors
Prevent your metal and wood doors from direct exposure to moisture by sealing and painting the exterior. Check for paint peeling or surface scratches. Scrape any loose paint from the surface. Apply a quality sealer. Apply a coat a paint. These steps will prevent water and the elements from causing damage and extend the life of the door.

Refrain from Adding a Kick-Plate, Permanent Door Decoration and Signs
Moisture can become trapped between permanent decorations and signs. Gaps can exist between the door and an after-market kick-plate that allows water to drip behind. Over time the trapped water can corrode, rust and rot the door much quicker than normal exposure from the elements. Seasonal items like wreaths and decorations are less apt to create a permanent breach, but in such cases just keep the area of the door clean and dry.

Don’t Keep Doors Propped Open
Did you know it’s a bad idea to keep a door propped open without using a “hold open” closer hardware? It’s true. Even if you’re propping a door open to grab groceries from the car can cause strain and damage to your door’s hardware. In addition, over time you can cause alignment issues or even bend the door.

Regularly Adjust Door Closers
When a door constantly slams shut or closes slowly it can indicate that the closer hardware needs checked. Check the closer for fluid leaks and needed adjustments to proper function

“Dog Down” Commercial Exit Hardware When Possible
Exit door devices may have a feature that allows the crash bar to be manually depressed. This is called “dogging down” the crash bar. If your commercial door has such a feature, use it when you can. Utilizing this feature, especially with a heavy use crash bar can substantially extend the life of the hardware by eliminating constant wear and tear.

Maintain Battery-Operated Security Devices
Audio exit alarms and security card access systems use batteries. Those batteries should be regularly checked as a simple maintenance plan, perhaps during the monthly check of your smoke alarms. If the system is beeping it indicates that the batteries are low, or a system check is in order. Delay in such an easy solution can render your costly system useless.

While these simple door tips are intended to help you extend the life and efficacy of your exterior doors and hardware, there will come a time when maintenance gives way to a need for repair and replacement. When that time comes, call R & B Locksmith. We’ll send a trained professional 24/7 to assist you with any problems you experience.

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Door Repair & Install Reseda
Door Repair & Install Reseda