The Best Security Protection in LA

The Best Security Protection in LA

Amazing Article About The Best Security Protection in LA

The Best Security Protection in LA – Your neighbor’s security system seems to be efficient. But, is it also the right one for your house? This important question may have skipped you, but every home has its unique security needs depending on location, area, family members and lifestyle, tangible assets, budget, and factors. R&B Locksmith can help you identify the best security system for your home with our free security survey!

A Security Survey Helps You Arrive at the Best Decision

In decision-making, it’s always best to gather the facts first.

Dale Carnegie, famous author of How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, related in his book that fact-gathering and fact-analysis had been the practice of aristotle himself before making a decision.

A security survey helps you gather all those necessary facts. Our licensed locksmith will then assist you in analyzing the vulnerabilities and strengths of your home. Then, you’ll be informed of all the options you’ve got in order to provide the best protection for your home and loved ones.

How does a locksmith conduct a security survey?

  1. Starting point is the street looking at the house. The locksmith takes note of vegetation which may be obstructing doors or windows, trees that are tall enough to access higher storeys, and assets that can be seen from the house like a big-screen television.
  2. Next are the house surroundings and exterior doors. The locksmith assesses the material, type, and quality of each door. Hinges and locks are scrutinized. Windows are also checked if any of the door locks can be easily accessed through them. The locksmith also finds out if the exterior doors have peep holes. Pet entrances are also inspected.
  3. Afterwards, windows are more carefully checked since these are the most frequent entry points for burglars. Lighting is taken into consideration, if vulnerable areas are well-lit. Then, if the home is cooled by an air-conditioner, its space and quality of installation get checked.
  4. Garage is the next consideration. The locksmith inspects the garage door opener, assessing its efficiency. Indoor and outdoor locks are also checked, if they are the right ones and if these have been properly installed.

A locksmith expert usually takes both daytime and nighttime walk around your house for the purpose of a more precise security assessment. He may take photos with a digital camera or make drawings for presentation to you as he discusses your home’s vulnerabilities and possible solutions.

Then, you can decide with full knowledge for your family’s best welfare.

Want a free home security survey? Just call R&B Locksmith at (818)667-3039 and we’ll be glad to assist at your most convenient time!

More Benefits of a Home Security System

Crime statistics clearly show that homes with security system are safer than those homes without such protection. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1 in every 3 homes without a security system suffer from burglary compared to 1 in 250 homes with a security system.

Here are more benefits of having a home security system:

  1. A home security system can help in monitoring your energy consumption. With the data it provides, you can manage your budget better and save on resources.
  2. You can prevent fire because this security system can also be used in detecting smoke and sounding an early warning, thereby saving property and lives.
  3. Your family can also avoid the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning since a home security system can be equipped with a device that detects poisonous, odorless gases.
  4. This system can also be equipped with emergency pulls or medical alerts which are especially useful for elderly people and those with serious illness.
  5. Remote monitoring is another one of the invaluable conveniences of a home security system, which you can even do 24 hours as necessary.
  6. Insurance companies offer discounts on premiums if you have a home security.

Avoid falling victim to burglary with a home security system that works amazingly yet easy on the budget! Call R&B Locksmith now at (818)667-3039!

We Offer the Best Security Solutions for Homes and Businesses in Studio City

We understand that both residential and commercial premises need protection from criminals and calamities everyday. And we are further aware that as technology progresses, the risks also heighten due to tech-savvy criminals and unexpected accidents which often involve electrical equipment and appliances.

Hence, our security solutions are designed to make everyone safer while enjoying more convenience and peace of mind.  With the advent of Smart and keyless technologies, we’ve taken our locksmith services to a higher level to be able to provide you and your loved one with the best security products and services in this world!

Yes, you can get in touch with R&B Locksmith for a free consultation and a free security survey! Just call us at (818)667-3039! The Best Security Protection in LA | Just Call Us Now: (818)667-3039

The Best Security Protection in LA
The Best Security Protection in LA